I am very pleased with my experience with Audibel so far. The wait time has been minimal, the service is very satisfactory. My questions are answered, and helpful information is provided. The response to my needs is great
david wirthlin, on Google
I have been extremely pleased with the help and support given by Steve Neilson and his assistant Cori at the office on 33rd South. My mom lives most of the time in Kansas, but spends 2 or 3 months at a time in Salt Lake City as well. There has never been a problem with getting her in when she's in town, and working with her on problems she has -- mostly because she forgets things at times and seems to need to be reminded on what does what with settings on the hearing aids. Steve is always ready to answer any questions she has and is very patient with her! Mom had not been able to hear for years, until Steve fitted her with these hearing aids a few years ago. Now she can hear and converse with people! A new lease on life for both mom and her family. I would highly recommend Audibel.
Marcia Thurmond, on Google
I was long overdue for a new hearing aid. Steve did a great job in updating me with the latest technology and has always spent time ensuring that my questions/concerns are addressed.
Julie Gray, on Google
Steve has been very helpful with my hearing aids. They aren't perfect, but help a lot. Very expensive. Thx Audible.
Judy Passey, on Google

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